Callisto Protocol editor shares the launch window update

News aboutThe Callisto_ protocol has begun to appear slowly but sure now that we have obtained a new look at the game with the promise of more to come soon, but the game does not yet have a release date. In some cases, that could be somewhat worrying considering that the game was scheduled for a 2022 launch window with relatively little knowledge about the game beyond the comparisons of Dead Space and some connection with the pubg Universe, but some good News from his editor, Krafton, shared this week indicated that he is still on his way to a release this year.

The Callisto Protocol Set to Release in 2022.

Krafton’s latest comments come from the most recent company statement. In the presentation associated with that report, Krafton dedicated half a slide to the Callisto protocol and its developer, striking distance Studios. This slide said that the game is “pointing to the second half of the 22 for its launch”, so, unless part of the most news Striking’s promise includes a delay ad, it seems that the game will still be available At some point this year. If that were the case,the Callisto_ protocol will barely leave before the remake of the dead space does.

Krafton’s presentation also defined the game as a “AAAA” title, an improvement of the AAA term used to define most of the games created by the main studies with great backs. The games have used that term in the past to define their ambitions, and Krafton later said thatthe protocol of Callisto_ would include the “highest level of quality + maximum horror experience + distinguished action mechanics”, but until we know something more specific About the game to differentiate it from others, that is only marketing jargon at this point.

Before the (perhaps) first screenshot of the game that was recently revealed, we have seen the conceptual art of The Callisto protocol, specifically for some of the monsters that will be included in the game. As is the case with any type of advanced advance at this time, the fact that the great summer games events are coming soon makes it a privileged place to share these revelations, including the taking on a specific launch date.

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