How to get a Puma Essentials cap at Roblox Puma and the Land of Games

First Nike, then ALO, and now Puma – collaborations of sports brands do not stop! Puma has just released their pum and the country of games experience in Roblox, and with it a free accessory for the avatar, cap Puma Essentials. To find out how to get this item in the hands of your Roblockian, continue to read a short guide below!

Getting Puma Essentials baseball caps

All you need to do to unlock the Puma Essentials cap is to go through a short guide. That’s right, everything is so simple! To get started, join Puma and Land of Games. After that, NPC should come to you and start explaining what Puma and Land of Games are and how this experience works.

After a few seconds of dialogue, the first NPC will take you to the contractors building, where you will meet the next NPC, contractor Wilson. After a small dialogue, the Contractor Wilson will present you a contract with the athlete Puma for signing. Select the green button with the inscription click to sign sign this contract.

After you signed the contract and listened to the rest of Wilson’s dialogue, the cap Puma Essentials should appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Having received this icon, you will unlock the corresponding element of the Avatar Puma Essentials Cap!


At the time of publication of this article, it is not known whether the new free Avatar items in the PUMA style will be added, but we will correspond to this article accordingly, if they are!

What is Puma and the country of games?

Players included in Puma and The Land of Games can play various mini-games, including football, bouncers and escaping from the bull, challenge their friends in races, collect unique objects of multi-layer clothing, start charming assistants Puma and much more! If you are a fan of Subway Surfer, the super attackers league is a good likelihood that you will like this experience!

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