Destiny 2: New dungeon duality appears today

Today Bungie publishes a new dungeon for Destiny 2 duality.

Solo Dungeon Entrance Encounter
Owners penetrate the warlike spirit of the exiled cabal imperator Calus and carry out a daring robbery to steal his darkest secrets.

Dungeon-specific loot such as new legendary armor and legendary weapons, an exotic weapon, a catalyst and more await.
Those who are brave enough to complete the dungeon during the season of the home searches can buy the deeper chat and the thought-out pin in the bungie store.
If you want to experience the dungeon “duality” yourself, you can either acquire “the witch queen Digital Deluxe Edition” or a “the witch queen dungeon key” for 2,000 silver.
Both purchases include “duality” and another dungeon that appears in season 19.

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