Developers VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City announced the first major update

The developer Ramen VR announced the first major update called “The Celestial Throne” for VR Mmorpg with the open world of Zenith: The Last City. This update will delight fans with a bunch of new content and various Qol improvements.

Zenith: The Last City VRMMO Preview | The Future of MMORPGs?
The most key event of this update will be the appearance of a flying castle with new six dungeons, filled with puzzles, traps and treasures. Together with them, the function of matchmaking will be added to a team of 4-8 players.

Although its release was not announced, but perhaps they will do it during the upcoming ASK ME ANYTHING (ama) session next week, May 31. In any case, a team of developers on this event at least plans to answer “the most piquant questions” about the upcoming update. The session will be on the Discord channel Ramen VR.

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