Published as the best book in the Com2us Global Content Literature Award

** -Comtus Global Content Literature Award in 2021 Designated Topic Category ‘If you have superpowers, will you get rid of your dad?’

-A work that unveils the family’s concerns and conflicts with unique and fresh settings and materials

-This publication is developed as a contest that provides participants with more practical growth and a leap forward

Com2us said today that the best work of the Creative Story Contest, the Com2us Global Content Literature Award, was published as a formal novel book.

The works published in the 2021 contest were ‘If you have a superpowers who have won the Grand Prize in the Designated Subject (MZ generation) category, will you want to get rid of your dad from your dad.’ It was published through the brand ‘Yoo Young’.

‘If you have psychic power, let’s get rid of your dad first’ is a growth novel that solves the troubles and conflicts of teenage girls from family problems with silent and calm stories. It is characterized by a unique and novel setting and material that is struggling to find the key to happiness by eating the protagonist who has gained a special superpower from the white god.

This book was published in this book, which was recognized as a second creation from the work of excellent psychological descriptions and stable stories.

Com2us has been hosting the Com2us Global Content Literature Award to discover and support promising creative talents who will lead the global content market since 2018. Through this publication, the participants provided more practical growth and leap opportunities, and prepared an opportunity to develop into the “Pil Cham” contest of story creators.

Meanwhile, Com2us expands the winners of the competition last year from five to seven, and provides a variety of privileges to strengthen the creative capacity of the winners along with the largest prize of 40 million won. In addition, the awards ceremony was held in the meta bus space under development through Com2 Bus Co., Ltd..

For more information about the Comtus Global Content Literature Award, please visit the official website **.

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