[e -sports trend] PUBG International Convention PNC 2022, Chinas national team online participation

seasontory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e-sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e-sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e-sports-related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e-sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News news of e-sports at home and abroad

◎ PUBG China Team, International Competition Online Competition
It is reported that the Chinese national team will participate online at PNC 2022, the national competition of -pubg. The team belonged to all the national teams in Bangkok, where the tournament was held. As a result, Craftton put four conditions, such as ‘The referee and the steering committee must be assigned where the Chinese national team gathered.’ This is not the first time that the Chinese e-sports game team participated online at the international competition. In the 2022 MSI, which was completed a while ago, China RNG won the competition online by the Shanghai blockade policy.

◎ The workshop between DRX and former director Kim Jung-soo
-DRX and former director Kim Jung-soo are continuing. DRX terminated Kim Jung-soo’s contract with former director Kim Jung-soo during the last spring split, and former director Kim began the legal process. In April, the Seoul Regional Labor Commission decided that the DRX was unfairly dismissed and paid wages during the return and dismissal period. In response, Park Ye-jun, a lawyer for the legal agency of DRX, said, The director is not a simple worker, but he expresses his bored regret for the decision. It was made.

Attorney Kim Ji-won and Kim Ji-won, a lawyer of the law firm (Yuhan), and Kim Ji-won, who are legal representative of the agency shadow Corporation, also posted a rebuttal. Attorney Kim Ji-won said, The press release distributed by the lawyer who was represented by the DRX is very different from the actual decision. The trial is open. Their legal workshops will continue for quite some time.

◎ op.gg, announcement of Game Broadcasting Station OGN’s acquisition
-OP.GG acquired OGN from CJ ENM. Opiji will expand the area to the provision of various media contents for gamers beyond the platform that directly develops and provides game-related services through this acquisition. Meanwhile, Opiji has acquired OGT Co., Ltd. (OGT), a platform platform for e-sports lectures.

◎ Change in French terms such as French government and professional gamers
-The French Ministry of Culture announced on the 29th that it will change various video game terms through the French specialized institution academy Francese. The announcement includes a variety of game terms such as pro gamers, streamers, social games, game services, cloud gaming, e-sports, Payotwin, in-game ads, skin gambling, pre-two play, early access, season pass, and DLC.. However, the French Ministry of Culture has previously changed Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) into a French expression, but it is known that it has not been effective.

◎ Capcom, ‘Life is Sleeping’ Lee Sun-woo’s permanent suspension
-Capcom confirmed that ‘life is infiltrate’ Lee Sun-woo and ‘Theo Linin’ have violated the Code of Code, and for all official competitions related to Capcom, including Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League He announced that he had disposed of politics. Fans speculated that it would be the influence of the Street Fighter 5 Sprout Competition, which was held in 2021. At the time, the championship and runner-up were confirmed as an acquaintance of ‘Life is Silver’ and confirmed as a talent for other fighting games.

■ This week’s e-sports schedule

6th (Mon): VCT Challengers Full League
11th (Sat): VCT Challengers Full League
12th (Sun): VCT Challengers Full League

9th (Thu): 2022 KRPL Season 1 Semi-Play Off
12th (Sun): 2022 KRPL Season 1 Playoff

8th (Mon): 2022 EK League Season 1 Club Division
10th (Fri): 2022 EK League Season 1 Championship Group League

11th (Sat): 2022 EK League Season 1 Championship Group League

6th (Mon): 2022 GSL Season 2 Lecture 20 Group A
9th (Thu): 2022 GSL Season 2 Lecture 20 Group B

6th (Mon): 2022 AWL Season 2 Round of 16
7th (Tue): 2022 AWL Season 2 Round of 16
8th Wednesday: 2022 AWL Season 2 Round of 16

8th Wednesday: 2022 ATL Season 2

■ esports sources

** ◎ EDG game officials, RNG wages, etc.
An official from the -EDG game team exposed the shocking content of the 2022 MSI winning team RNG through his SNS. According to him, RNG was currently suffering from serious financial difficulties. The jungler ‘Way’ has been paid only for two years for two years, and he has been filed as a lawsuit. The fans were shocked. Meanwhile, RNG’s ‘Jukai’ dismissed suspicions by posting an article on SNS that wages were not true.

◎ grassroots e-sports in succession
-Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea e-Sports Association will hold several amateur e-sports leagues. First, the 2022 e-sports college league will be held in three sports: Hearthstone, FIFA Online 4 and LOL. In addition, the Korea e-Sports Association also announced an annual plan for the 2022 e-sports enthusiasts based on national e-sports facilities. The competition is held in LOL and FIFA Online 4. For more information on the two competitions, please visit the official website of the Korea e-Sports Association.

** ◎ Communication with fans through ‘Monthly Zen Jihoon’
Lee Ji-hoon of Zenji communicated with fans through ‘Monthly Zen Ji-hoon’ personal broadcast. In this broadcast, director Ko Dong-bin appeared as a guest. ‘Score’ revealed the impression of the spring split, the scream direction, the role of the coach, and the preparation for the summer. In addition, Lee also had time to answer the viewers’ questions in real time. In addition to LOL, there were many Overwatch and PUBG questions that Zenji had a game team, and continued the details.

◎ Domestic game team, foreign mercenary recruitment
-Foreign mercenaries will be on the domestic e-sports stage. Predit Brion included Vietnam’s Tirong Dangan Long, which passed its own audition to the LCK CL roaster. ‘Tirong’ has been known to have been adapted to Korea since January this year. Live Sandbox also said that it has signed Taiwan’s popular cart rider pro gamer and influencer ‘Neil’ to the Cartrider Game Team. Neil will only participate in this year’s solo exhibition.

■ His talent hiring news
** ◎ T1, HR (personnel)
-SK Telecon CST One hires HR/General Affairs. In addition to the tasks related to salaries and allowances, they will be in charge of management work, such as evaluation, compensation system planning and execution to strengthen organizational capabilities. We recruit experienced people for over five years of personnel work.

◎ Zenji, Marketing Content Editor/Personal YouTube Editor Recruitment
-Jenji is hiring a video content editor. The Zenji LOL Game Team’s Dogyu TV Private Broadcasting Streaming Streaming Highlights and Zenji Content Creator Personal YouTube Upload Management and Broadcast Streaming Highlights Editor are recruited. The work form is a freelancer.

◎ Damwon Kia
-Damwon Kia, like Zenji, is recruiting content planners. Digital Content Planning and Business Practice, YouTube Market Analysis and Initability Planning are the main tasks. In addition to LOL, we will adopt people who have a high understanding of sports such as Valorant, PUBG, and Rainbow Six.

◎ DRX, service planner recruitment notice
-DRX hires service planners as career jobs. We will be in charge of planning esports-related services, including the establishment and planning of web service strategies. There must be an understanding of various e-sports stocks such as LOL, and the number of people who have been conducting a product manager or service planning for more than two years will be preferred.

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