Where groowy grove v fortnite head 3 season 3

Sometimes it is difficult to find part of the card in Fortnite, but this does not apply to Groovy Grove. As soon as you know what to look, it is very quickly detecting and determining the whereabouts.

Where is Groovy Grove in Fortnite?

How to find Groovy Grove in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Groovy Grove will be easy to find out as soon as you go there, thanks to your purple foliage telling fairy tales. You can find Groovy Grove in the southwestern part of the island in Fortnite. You will find a grove on the very edge of the card. If you still have to get to the reality waterfall, you need to continue to move west. Go a little southwest past the tree of the waterfall of reality. As soon as you start to see purple everywhere, you will understand that you are in the right place.

Groovy Grove on Fortnite map


If you are looking for a card to try to find Groovy Grove, then it will be even easier to find it than to explore on Earth. Look at the western part of the map and find a forest/grove with a purple vertex, which inhabit the area on the side of the tree of the waterfall of reality. Violet trees and plants are the place where Groovy Grove is located. .

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