Runner on the blade will receive a game from 110 Industries in 2025

The famous insider Tom Henderson said that 110 Industries is busy developing a franchise game Running Blade. The developer team recently acquired this license and plans to release the game by 2025, and therefore will have to wait quite a long time.


110 Industries is a Swiss studio that is working right now on Wanted: Dead, Vengeance Is Mine and Red Goes Faster. It is also likely that this studio is somehow connected with the Shenmue sequel, but there is no evidence for this information. It is also worth considering that information about the project on the Runner on the blade is also currently only a hearing, and therefore it is worth perceiving it with a share of skepticism.

The insider said that nothing is known about the genre of the game, and it will be announced with the help of some kind of cinema trailer in the near future.

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