The Cycle: Frontier Dead Drops locations Guide

All the quests that you receive from Traders in The Cycle: Frontier require you to receive a certain item and put it in a cache. These places can be difficult to find, so this guide will help you find all the caches in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Bright Sands Dead Drops Locations

  • Telecommunication satellite antenna

* DEAD DROP communication tower
* Deep underground elevator
* Gate in a cache
* Gate c.
* Cache of the main office
* Root cache of the swamp camp
* Waterfall Labs cache

satellite antenna Dead drop

Near the pipeline in front of the satellite antenna.

Drop Drop

Immediately behind the communication tower, in the bunker. Look for a large tower in the southwestern part.

cache a deep underground elevator

Go to the mine under the eastern gathering point. At the end of the rail, you can find a cache.

Gate in a cache

Near the gate on the western side of the base camp.

cache Gate C

Found near the gate on the eastern side of the base camp. Here he is hidden behind the stairs.

cache of the main office

The fall is located inside the main office of the base camp, which goes into the courtyard. The box is in the corner next to the racks.

The root cache of the swamp camp

The chest is located in a large rotting chest on the eastern side of the swamp, half immersed in water.

cache Waterfall Labs

In the laboratory of waterfalls, the box is located under the table in the middle of the laboratory.

The Cycle: Frontier Cresscent Falls Dead Drops locations

  • Nutrion office cache
  • Storage cache
  • Warehouse cache
  • Dead drop cafeteria
  • DEAD DROP order execution center
  • Garage office cache
  • Cache in the server room

Nutrion office cache

Look into the booth on the ground floor of the Nutrion Farms processing center.

cache for storage

Found around a stack of containers in front of the Nutrion Farms processing unit.

warehouse cache

Found under a fallen advertising shield in the back of the store on Green Avenue.

Cafetrius Dead drop

Located on the top floor of the dining room in the administration of the cosmport.

Center for execution of orders Dead drop

Look at the stand in front of the main entrance to the Fulfillment Center on Green’s Prospect, near the output sign to find the box.

garage office cache

On the top floor of Green’s Prospect, look for a table in front of a broken wall. Under this table is a garbage box.

cache in the server room

It is located on racks in the back of the second floor of the server room of the spaceport administration.

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