Mrs. Dmitris Ku can play, Baha Village DLC 3

Three new DLCs in Biohazard Village have been released. All three are filled with interesting users.


On the 14th, Capcom unveiled the Winters Expansion with three DLCs with the Gold Edition of Biohazard Village through the Capcom showcase broadcast on YouTube. The expansion pack is filled with what the players have hoped for. The first is a third-person view mode where you can enjoy the main story of the main story with the same senses such as Biohazard Re: 2, Re: 3. Producer Kanda Tsuyoshi explained the new mode, People who have played the game before will feel different.

Secondly, ‘Shadow’s of Rose’, which deals with the story after the end of the main story, was also released. His daughter, Rose Marie Winters, who became a young man, appeared as the main character, 16 years after the fierce end of Ethan Winters, the main character of the main story. Rosemary is traveling to ‘a place beyond time and space’ to cure the germs that were infected as soon as she was born and infected, where she used a mask with a woman who resembles herself. You will meet ‘Michael’.

The third is ‘The Mercentification AdDDA’. Only Ethan Winters was able to play in this Merchant Business, but through this DLC, Chris Red Field, Carl Heizenberg, and Algina Dmitrisku, who were another character and NPC or enemy, were added as playable characters. do. In particular, many fans are looking forward to being able to directly play Count Dmitris Ku, who is 290cm tall.

The Gold Edition, which includes both DLC and each content, will be released on October 28 and can be enjoyed by PS5, PS4, XBOX One, Xbox Series X/S, and PCs.

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