Korea Sulwha Background Metro Bania, Yeom Ra -hwan: Camellia released

The indie game platform ‘Stove Indie’ operated by Smilegate Stove (CEO Han Young-un) is a 2D side-scrolling action game developed by domestic indie game developer Catdes Studio (CEO Kim Ji-hwan). It was announced on Thursday. ‘Stove Indie’ will also hold a coupon event to commemorate the official launch of ‘Yeomra-hwan: Camellia’.

‘Yeom Ra-hwan: Camellia’ is a game of 2D side-scrollmetrobania genre based on Korean traditional tales. It has attracted attention from the early stage of development as a unique oriental painting graphic and attractive character that interprets the materials familiar to domestic users such as various traditional ghosts and foods in Korea. The Exorcist ‘Camellia’, who was missioned by the underworld’s manager ‘Yema’, can experience a fresh and thrilling battle that defeats the ghost using swords and guns. In addition, the cat transformation element can be used to enjoy the personality of the Metro Bania genre more freshly.

‘Stove Indie’ will show ‘Yeomra-hwan Life: Camellia’ four weeks earlier than other game platforms through the Stove Only promotion. Stove only promotion is a promotion that offers special benefits such as coupon discounts and cashbacks for game contents that can only be experienced in the stove. In addition, Stove Indie will offer a 20% discount coupon by July 7 (Thu) to commemorate the launch of ‘Yeomra-hwan: Camellia’, and additional 10% cashback coupons are provided to all buyers.

Kim Ji-hwan, CEO of Cat’s Studio of ‘Yeom Ra-hwan: Camellia’, said, Yeomra-hwan Life: Camellia is the first PC game to be released by Catdas Studio. I hope.

More information about ‘Yeomra Hwan: Camellia’ can be found on the Stove Indie page.

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