LOL: With complications and a traced Leviathan maintains first place in the Master League

A new day on the 18th day of the Master Flow league where everyone seeks to fall to the Levianeta who is still unstoppable at the top of the table, with battles to come where the bleeding can cost too much and some team show their greatest capabilities to obtain The pass to the next round where only the best can stay alive in the playoffs.

The first duel places Ebro Gaming against 9z where Lee without Isan would be present in the confrontation with great power managing to take the objectives in his favor to achieve an important advantage for the purple team, with things well raised for them and that although they cannot move much in the table during this week they demonstrate their great power to take victory in their favor.

The second game puts River Plate against Stone Esports with a trista in the hands of dandy in the central part of the map that dominated very precisely, the power of millionaires would make great use of the resources they generated during the game To leave the stones team underground, a duel that was marked for the RP side who took an important victory.

For the third confrontation Maycam Evolve fight with Leviathan manning Obtaining a soul from the oceans with which it would remain in the duel and would turn around the game to take the victory.

During the fourth duel Boca Juniors Gaming faces Kru Esports where we see the power of Hika with a kalist that would take most of the murders to the bag, the game was calmed by which the players sought to climb with harvest of SUBJECTS TO GET THE OBJECTS FASTER, ARRIVING TO THE 28 MINUTE THE BOQUITA TEAM ended the game in his favor with a perfect score.

In the fifth meeting New Pampas fights with wap eSports leaving a Zeri in the hands of Kindless with which he would put the rivals shaking when taking his life early sometimes with which he would get a great economy to have his items faster, With the power of foxes ready to advance and take an important victory for them.

Closing the Malvinas Gaming day faces Undead Gaming with Giankios Taking a Jayce in the upper lane with which he would take aggressiveness from the minute to manage to control his rival, the game little by little began to turn on the side of the side of The undead who proposed team fights that benefited them to win the pressure on the map with which they managed to close the confrontation in their favor.

Closing the action of the day we see how the sea dragon maintains the leader of the tournament but was about to bleed, while the foxes want to maintain that second place with which they could better accommodate for the next phase, in the middle part the teams the teams It maintains a duel to accommodate better within the table.

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