Advanced Edition was announced at Tsume -shogi SLG into the Breach and to distribute July 19. Almost version 2 with large additional content

Subset Games announced Advanced Edition on June 24 in Into The Breach . It will be distributed as an update for free. The distribution date is July 19, local time. Many content seems to be added.

INTO THE BREACH is a turn-based simulation game. The stage of the game is the devastated Earth. The invasion of the giant monster VEK, which continues to breed, was in danger of disappearing civilization. Players exceed space-time from the future world and operate three robots that are human desired. The ultimate goal is to erase VEK. But first, protecting the attacked earth is the highest priority. Cross various continents, do missions on randomized maps, and save mankind. If you make a mistake, the city and mankind will be destroyed in no time. You have to carefully select each hand.

Many elements have been added by the introduction of Advanced Edition. Four pilots have been added, and the skills obtained through promotion are tripled. Five new troops have been added, and nearly 40 types of weapons have been added. It is said that many enemies, bosses, and mission goals will be introduced. The published trailer allows you to see new weapons such as bouncing missiles and triple-missiles, as well as the troublesome VEK. It seems that this attack power and the enemy of the enemy are evolving. In addition, it is said that a more difficult difficulty mode will be added. Other new elements will be released as they approach the distribution date. Let’s look forward to the details.

This update seems to be associated with the distribution of the iOS/Android version. It is said that the iOS/Android version will be distributed as an exclusive content for Netflix subscription users. You can play if you subscribe to Netflix. The content is equivalent to Advanced Edition. This work has already been distributed on PC/Nintendo Switch, and the mobile version will be added here.

Into The Breach is being distributed for PC/Nintendo Switch. Inside the game corresponds to Japanese. The mobile version of Netflix monopoly will be distributed on July 19, local time, which is the same day as the update.

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