SF Fantasy Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’

-Perfect World Games, SF Fantasy Open World RPG Regional File Release

** -In the Esperia Continental region, starting with the starting point of the journey and various scenery.

-Sf Fantasy that can be freely fueled than anyone in the vast open world

Perfect World Games announced today that it will unveil local files of open world RPG , which is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2022 as a PC and mobile multi-platform.

In the open world RPG , which is made of Unreal Engine 4, you can enjoy the game by freely traveling around a variety of features. In particular, the background of fantasy-style characters and unique paintings gives a sense of immersion, and Tower of Fantasy unveiled local files to convey this charm in advance.


Astra, where the journey begins, is a place where optimistic and strong residents live in the natural environment. It is also a place where you can meet good colleagues because there is an Astra shelter. At the Bengigis Port, a relatively busy trade port, it is a place where you can meet the night market and the festival. However, the player needs attention to the sandworm that suddenly appears on the sandy beach.

The public city, Hell Guard, created by elite scientists, is a mobilization of talent and technology, and you can see the latest science and technology in everything here. Whale Jari Island, which floats over Navi districts, is decorated with architectural style reminiscent of an amusement park, and can actually take roller coasters and rotary horses. However, it can be seen in the game where Mureungdowon, which is actually full of pleasure, will be correct.

Crown Mine is a region where buildings and forests made of various types of steel are harmonized in three dimensions. In this place, treasures and fear coexist, so be careful when they are humid and complex. The ice of Warren’s snow, which is frozen so hard to live, is dangerous. But here you can feel the experience of sprinting in your eyes.

In this way, Tower of Fantasy has a unique area, so you can enjoy the area. Starting with light climbing, various rides, rift boarding, and jet packs can be all available. You can make a character with a free customization to enjoy battle and action, and you can enjoy communication and growth while enjoying adventures with your colleagues.

Already abroad, it has been recognized for its fun and gameability from high degree of freedom, and has achieved features from various media, No. 1 in the App Store free game ranking, and 10 million users.

SF Fantasy Open World RPG test schedule, including various contents news, can be found in official website or Official Naver Game Lounge .

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