The best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdom, players will be able to choose various nations and commanders from historical eras to build their own civilization. Each nation has certain advantages, and commanders have unique advantages and disadvantages. The goal is to build a powerful civilization that dominates others, and the only way to do this is to choose suitable commanders. Naturally, players are not tolerant of finding out which commanders are best used in Rise of Kingdom. Although the commanders can be purchased using intra-game transactions, we compiled a list taking into account free players.


Aethaelfaed is certainly the best legendary commander for free players for several reasons. You can purchase her sculptures exclusively in the expedition mode. In the same way, this character not only weakens enemies, but also causes great damage in the region. Ethalfaed is very underestimated, and we recommend that the players gradually increase its level. Her skill Arrow of Iron causes damage to five targets at once, reducing their attack, health and protection for the next couple of seconds!

Hannibal Bark


Hannibal Bark is one of the commanders specializing in leadership, and he is ideal for the role of the chief commander of any army. Army with two or three types of troops automatically receive an increase in the damage while Hannibal Bark is located at the helm. His expedition with passive skills also allows players to get additional troops. The skill of the Battle of the Barca Barca is perhaps one of the most powerful in the game. This skill not only causes direct damage to goals, but also reduces the damage of the target, as well as protection for the next five seconds.

Ramses II

The famous Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II with a basic force of 4200 people occupies one of the first places in the list of the best legendary commanders. While on the map, Ramses II increases the attack of shooters. In the same way, if there are only archers in your army, then the resulting damage is actively reduced. In general, Ramesses II is a universal commander suitable for distant attacks.

Richard I

Richard I is one of the most popular commanders in the game specializing in infantry and defense. Richard I troops are very effective in counterattacks and receive less damage on the battlefield. Richard I is able to withstand massive attacks, simultaneously healing the troops. His active skill Soul of the Crusades heals part of the wounded troops, laying Debuff on almost five enemy troops. This debuff reduces the speed and damage of the enemy detachment for the next couple of seconds.

Yi-Son Ge

I-Son Ge, perhaps one of the few commanders in the game, strong enough to be the main commander or deputy commander of any nation. Yi-Son can be paired with Alexander, El Sid, Richard I, Etelphed and several other top-level commanders. He can apply AOE-dron at a great distance, while attacking and destroying several opponents.

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