How to get to the point of Varun on the raft

Varuna Point is one of the main places that you will explore in RAFT. It becomes available at the beginning of the third chapter and includes a couple of skyscrapers, which have long been abandoned during the construction process.

You will go under water to explore the flooded ruins of Cape Varun, where the sea inhabitants are now inhabited, including a terrible shark-nasor.

The following leadership explains how to get to Cape Varun on the raft and how to find all his collecting items.


How to get to the point of Varun on the raft

Varuna-point is part of the main storyline, so you do not have to look for the whole sea to find this place.

Cape Varun’s coordinates will be transferred to you after the completion of all previous chapters of history. Consequently, you need to find a radio bank, Vasagatan, the island of Balboa, the Caravan City and Tangaroa.

As soon as you finish with Tangaroa, open your book by pressing the T key to find the coordinates of Cape Varun in # 7528.

Then you just need to update your coordinates from the navigation device on your raft to show Cape Varun on your radar.

Passage Varun Point

Having reached Cape Varun, you will need to explore and find spotlights between two towers. This is the quest of this site. The quest is to get four parts of the spotlight, which will ultimately need to repair a broken spotlight.

Flights are not the only thing that is of interest in Varuna Point. You must also find the keyboard key, the crane key, the drawings of the improved battery and, finally, the code for the next place called TempeRance. In addition to the drawings of the advanced battery, you will also get drawings of an improved headlight, chicken turbine and electric grill.

These drawings are at the lowest level of the skyscraper under water, and before you get them, you will have to defeat the boss of Varuna-punt, which is a hybrid shark-nosorog. The best way to get rid of this massive shark is not a weapon. Although the weapon will definitely cause a shark damage, the best way to win is to use the environment against it.

One way is to put an explosive barrel first, and then make the shark crash into it. To kill a shark, three blows will be required. After receiving the shark, you will receive the achievement of explosive force.

Notes about Cape Varuna

There are seven notes in Varuna-point that glow yellow when you scan this place. Here are all the places where you will find them

Note No. 1

The first notes can be found lying on the underwater weight next to a luminous jellyfish. Meduses will block the path to the entrance to the building. They will move to the side when light falls on them.

note 2

Having received the first note, head to the elevator shaft and to the darkest room. The note will be found next to the part of the spotlight.

note 3

Having made your way into the tunnel blocked by jellyfish, you will see a box with gravel. The note lies on the same box and is located in front of the traps and spikes of Grabber.

Note No. 4

Having received a drawing of an electric grill, you will see a tap next to it. At the top of this crane lies this note.

Note No. 5

This note is not under water and is on the side of Cape Varun, where there is a puzzle with a jump. You will find a note on a piece of metal by a small crane.

Note No. 6

Having reached the end of the path with spikes, you will find this note behind the Motherlode key.

Note No. 7

Here is the last note of Varun Point. The latter note is actually a moderation code, which is the following location. This is a mandatory note, and to get it, you need to get to the bottom of the building.

Location of Cape Varuna drawings

Electric grill

It is located on the top of the crane at Cape Varun.

improved headlight

It is located inside the building under water. It can be found inside the Motherlode location. You will need to get the Motherlode key and open the gate. Enter inside and you will get drawings next to the boxes.

wind turbine

Having finished with the boss, you will get access to the office where you need to go through the hole, and then move to the right and go up. The drawing lies in the room next to you.

improved battery

To get a drawing, you will need the key to the crane. Having received the key, sit on the crane and start managing it. The crane will drop the trash into the lower building, and this will open the path for descent into the building. Get to the ziploin, and you will find yourself in the office where there is a plan.

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