LOL: Even if you are good, you will need 40 hours to upload a single range in League of Legends

League of Legends is an online game with millions of users. Although not everyone competes in Solq , it is true that they are a real barbarity. That implies that if the system wants to be fair, it must be played with enough invokers of our level until we verify that we have really improved our level. But maybe you had never accounts.

Lol has a division system , which makes us climb from bronze IV to bronze I and then play an ascent phase to reach silver, for example. Making use of a recent Reddit post in which the user Byepolarolabe calculates the amount of items necessary to ascend from metal, we have thrown out of calculator to see how many real game hours we need for each of these promotions.

We make this use the average departure duration in the ranges prior to the one we want to get, available in League of Graphs. As this Reddit user tells, with a good 55% of victories you would need 80 items, while with a great 60% you would go at 35 . With simple multiplications this table can be calculated.

40 hours to upload a range

It is important to keep in mind that this is only starting time and that we do not take into account falling into the final promotion. This data would be greater if we add the meetings with remake and the champion selection phases, as well as the possibility of having 3 losses in the ascent phase . The total hours would rise enough if these factors are added to the equation.


Therefore, it is reasonable to think that even being a player above the average of the range we are in, we would need around 40 hours of play to ascend. It is an important sum of time, and that would be equivalent to the games campaign considered long in duration .

many hours to return to where you were last year

Every year the positioning system makes us lower divisions, and even a complete range depending on our results. This is because the inflation factor of the MMR inherent to the system is eliminated, restarting it. In this way, we all have to play a few games not only to improve our range, if not just get where we were at the end of the previous season.

These data are tremendously eloquent, because tell us about the need to play a huge amount of hours just to return to where we were . And for most players, this is to return to silver from bronze, where the games also last more than in higher ranges.

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