Is XL Aquie War trademark registration, sequel? Is it mobile?

On June 28, the trademark of Akiwo, a new trademark of XL Games, was applied.

‘Akido’ is a prefix called ‘Aki’, so it is very likely to be content related to ‘Archie Age’, the main brand of XL Games, but it is still known about whether the game is correct and what kind of game it will be. none.

To speculate, considering the realistic conditions, the most likely the identity of ‘Aquid’ is the mobile version of ‘Archie Age’. It is not likely to be a different type of title, but it is not in name and timing with the contents related to Archie Age.

First, Archie-based Simry World MMORPG, which introduced NFT technology, will start alpha testing at the end of this month under the name ‘Arki World’. In the case of Archie Age 2, the sequel to Archie Age’s official numbering, there was a rumor that it was being developed for the first 2022, but it was mentioned that it was being developed for 2024 during last year’s earnings announcement.


Although ‘Archie Age 2’ is a game that is worth the identity of ‘Aquie War’, it is likely that the game name is confirmed and the trademark application is made. This is because ‘Archie Age 2’ is a game that attracts such expectations.

Therefore, the most prominent of the identity of ‘Akido’ is the mobile version of the Archie Age game, which is the same as ‘Aki World’. The newly developed mobile version of Archie Age is developing, and the rumor that it will be a P2E game based on the purple platform, like Aki World, is already known throughout the game industry.

XL Games, a developer who is a developer, is also a situation where you can’t reveal anything about ‘Aquid’.

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