Perfect Worlds Tower of Tower of Fantasy

On the 6th, Perfect World Games announced that it will conduct a private test of ‘Tower of Fantasy’, a multi-platform open world RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy,’ which is developed by the company.


The Tower of Fantasy is a SF Fantasy Open World RPG, where you can enjoy adventure on the Ida planet after a disaster, and depicts the process of revealing the truth hidden on the Tower of the Aida planet. As the story develops, the player makes a decision to lead the world to salvation or ruin.

In the Tower of Fantasy, based on a vast open world, you can explore free ways, such as climbing high mountains, swimming the river, flying in the sky with a jet pack, or crossing the continent with bikes. In the battle, you can taste cool action with a smooth weapon switching using the three weapons you want.

During the adventure, you can work with your partner with your partner or fight a large number of enemies, and you can communicate and enjoy in a variety of ways, such as riding a rotary horse or taking pictures in the amusement park. In addition, freedom can show off your own personality with high customization.

In particular, in the Tower of Fantasy, you can meet various characters with the ‘replica system’. Like the roses in the ice, you can make a variety of replica, such as ‘Maryl’, which has chic charms and swords, ‘Sammere’, which has a girl crush charm and a pair of pistols, and ‘Shiro’.

Various contents and events related to the SF Fantasy Open World RPG Tower of Fantasy can be found on the official website or Naver Game Lounge.

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