Already today, Baldur’s Gate III will add a bard

Larian conducted another amused broadcast by Panel from Hell and announced the 8th patch for RPG Baldur’s Gate III, which will be installed today before the end of the day.

First of all, the Belgian studio added another classic classic classic for Dungeons & Dragons-a bard, masterfully owning insults (at the disposal of the rhymplet of them as much as 97). The community was also proposed by the race of gnomes (rocky, forest and deep), musical instruments for all classes and the editor of the characters updated in terms of hairstyles.

Step-by-step battles became faster due to the grouping of weak opponents, and the NPC emotions in katsets are now more realistic. He will pull the update to 40 GB, while the old conservations will have to be put into scrap and start all over again.

Baldur’s Gate III will come out of early access to the PC (Steam) next year. You can discuss the game in a special topic on our forum.

Baldur’s Gate 3-Game of the game (main topic)


• 25 FEB, 2020

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