[Experience] Tower of Fantasy, will it be a dark horse?

Perfect World’s new open world, ‘Tower of Fantasy’ has been in Korea since the 6th. Subculture users have already received attention since they were first released in China Joy in 2020. This is because the elements of the Gumi were combined with multiplayer, such as multiplayer in the SF-style worldview, which was implemented with high freedom of freedom, customization, and high quality cartoon rendering to support mobile-PC crossplay.

In fact, he has been patched several times since he was elected in December. Since May, the company has been appealing to users in 3Q, including PV and Korean dubbing, starting with the opening of the official website and YouTube in May. The CBT, which is a middle inspection stage of the preparation, was covered by the language barriers, and it was enough to taste the strength of the Tower of Fantasy, which domestic users had not seen completely.

■ There are many channels and servers and people are distributed, but MMORPG

Legend of Zelda: After the Breath of Wild, the so-called ‘Ya Sum’ games, which benchmark their freedom with high open world, have begun to appear. Of course, rather than forcing the endless freedom and logical and novel interactions of the aid, the big picture was tagged, but the lack of parts added to the replenishment by adding other elements. In particular, in the mobile-PC crossplay environment, the limitations of the device called mobile were considered, so there was no choice but to look at various things including operation.

On the other hand, there was an attempt to add multiplayer by taking advantage of the online multiplayer environment compared to the console. In particular, Tower of Fantasy has reinterpreted the open world, which is usually adopted from single-play games, as MMORPGs, which are usually used in single play-based games.

The word MMORPG includes not only multiple access, but also ‘large-scale’, so some may question whether the Tower of Fantasy is MMO. This is because the number of people per channel is distributed less than other MMORPGs, and the field is wide, so there are few things to encounter with other users unless it is a spot where users are really gathered. So in Perfect World, MMO was not confidently.

But after the tutorial, the users are encountered everywhere. Every time the main quest line passes, other users who are often passed by or waiting, sometimes they have no presence, even though they have no presence, even though they have a field boss. In-party dungeon, forgetting the guild publicity or joining inquiries.

This sight is called ‘PC’ MMORPG because the tower of fantasy is designed in a completely different composition from the recent mobile-based MMORPG. Since hegemony has been moved to mobile, recent MMORPGs, especially mobile-based crossplay MMORPGs, have been left based on 24-hour automatic hunting, and sometimes they do a lot of time when they turn around or PK. It was a number. So the elements that interfere with the automatic raising tend to be like impurities.

However, the Tower of Fantasy has adopted a so-called Yajimi, where the user explores the freedom of freedom. It is a fun to explore and collect treasure chests and goods hidden in various places by riding a ride without automatically, riding on a jet pack, or climbing a cliff. In addition to the MMORPG, we added a party with other users to go around the dungeon or gather all the field bosses that are difficult to deal with. Of course, you can also miss the routine unique to the online game that spends time chatting with guild members, friends, and other users who are connected when they are bored while playing games.

▲ If you are informed of the field boss, it flocks and hunts together.

** ■ The mobile environment is also considered an action that adds a jump ball on the ARPG type QTE-tag system.

As the automatic exclusion is excluded, it will be questionable whether you can have a long fun with manual operation on mobile. Since there is no physical button, it covers the screen with a virtual key, so the small screen feels smaller and the operation is limited. Moreover, when the open world, the fatigue of the movement will come to mind when the quest is quest. How can I doubt the composition of the composition of mobile?

Tower of Fantasy has reduced the fatigue of movement by introducing warpgates and various vehicles to the open world with high console freedom, and the quests that return to repeated hunting were as much as possible. And on mobile, we have transplanted the system of the proven mobile ARPG system to make use of the fun of manual battle.

In the meantime, if you look at the flow of mobile ARPGs, if you avoid the enemy’s attack in a limited environment to enjoy the taste of ‘action’ in a knife-like timing, the bullet time occurs, and then puts the extreme deal as much as possible or blocks the threatening pattern as much as possible. Adopted the method. And the problem that it is difficult to adopt various operation methods has been supplemented by replacing it with a weapon or character that fits the situation.

In the Tower of Fantasy, these elements were adopted and the taste of manual battle on mobile was also used. If you avoid the enemy’s attack timing, ‘Time Illusion’ occurs within a certain range, and the enemy is suspended within that range. At this time, the enemy is stopping the same on the screen of other users, so how well the time illusion is triggered during party play or cooperative play is the core of the attack.

In addition, the user who triggers the time illusion can be triggered immediately by tagging with another weapon, so there is also a good combos that puts the extreme deal combos of the special moving gauge-time Illusion-other weapon replacement. However, as ‘time illusions’ cannot be completely stopped, the sense of leaving the enemy’s attack range is also necessary before it is released.

Unlike mobile ARPGs, the open world is the background, so another system is added on this foundation. The open world has a high degree of moving freedom, but often snipers in areas where enemies can’t easily approach them. Therefore, the long-range weapon can be shot by pressing the attack button, and the short-range weapon is automatically traced with a wire if the enemy is within a certain range of jump attacks, so that the air combo can be inserted. In addition, a two-stage jump was also supported, so it was easier to hit the enemies flying around the air.

This method is guaranteed in solo play, but it will be questionable how it will work in multiplayer based on cooperative. In particular, if the clue called MMORPG is attached a little, it has become relatively faint in recent years, but it is traditionally a cooperative play that shares the role of tang/deal/heel.

Such traditional cooperative play elements were relatively light. That’s because he’s not designed based on class. At the same time, each weapon has different properties and skill effects, so each of them can play a different role, but there is no type of skill that drags aggro or blocks the enemy’s attack. Instead, there are weapons with support skills and support, and the concept of dealers, sub dealers and supporters is caught. So, as I go back to the time Illusion, I continue my deal timing, continue my support, and take my breath, and quickly break up the enemy’s attribute barriers together, and then catch the deal timing. There was.

■ Gimmick is solved by tools and cooperation, and adventures in the SF worldview that are enjoyed together

In order to complete the composition that comes to mind when it comes to freedom open world, it is also necessary to unravel various gimmicks by using various interactions with objects as well as free movement. If that’s not supported, it’s no different from the open world you saw in other mobile games.

Tower of Fantasy has added the properties, core, and the elements of ‘energy gear’ to design such a variety of interactions and gimmicks in a limited environment called mobile. Each weapon has one of the lights, ice, electricity, and physical properties, and if you attack with the property weapon, you will interact with the object.

For example, thorn bushes can be burned by swinging fire attribute weapons, and on the contrary, the lava layer can be cooled and broken. Based on such an attribute interaction, it was fun to find hidden goods throughout the field. It was also a place to place a monster called ‘Core’, which has a specific attribute for users without attribute weapons. Unlike other monsters, the core can be thrown without a preemptive attack. Using this properties, if you throw it where you need a specific attribute, you can get an attribute reaction and allow you to solve the gimmick without weapons.

In addition, even though tools that apply various science and technology, they also added the fun of solving the problem with the ‘energy gears’, which are the tools that will help adventure by actively utilizing the strange sci-fi worldview. ‘Energy Gear’ has various types of various types, such as making a scaffold or firing multiple rockets to assist the battle and breaking through the blocked sections with obstacles.

Skipping, sometimes the use of energy gears and object interactions will be confusing.

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