Tower of Fantasy test participant enjoyed exploring the open world

Perfect World Games announced on the 14th that the first private test in Korea for the SF fantasy open world RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’ developed by them has been successfully completed.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ was tested for a total of 8 days until the 13th in order to maximize the completeness of the game. Most of the users who participated in the test gave favorable reviews for the high degree of freedom of exploration and battle, thrilling multiplayer, various character customization and lively action. At the same time, opinions on the game were actively suggested or suggested, and the production team is planning to actively accept them and reflect them in the official version.


Meanwhile, Tower of Fantasy, which has completed the test, has released the first ‘Meryl’ PV of the replica character series. Meryl is a cold and strong Hell Guard high-ranking executive, and she shows off her excellent swordsmanship and combat power in her videos. However, in her cold expression, she seems to have hidden a single piece of sadness, so her double charm is felt.

In addition, the replica system of ‘Tower of Fantasy’ was also revealed. In the game, you can meet various replica characters, and you can communicate and talk. In addition to Meryl, there are many more replica characters, and videos of other replica characters are released sequentially.

‘Tower of Fantasy’, developed with Unreal Engine 4, is a sci-fi open-world RPG that allows you to freely explore the planet Aida, realized in a unique style of cartoon rendering. You can experience a variety of contents such as unique character customization, free exploration, and multiplayer with friends.

Detailed information and event news about ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is scheduled to be officially released on PC and mobile in the third quarter of this year, can be found on the official website or the Naver Game Lounge.

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