Minecraft: how to build a modern house

In Minecraft, modern or modernist housing style is one of the most popular, partly thanks to the incredible effects that can be achieved, only a little work. Creating a modern house is incredibly simply thanks to materials such as concrete, and the natural block style of minecraft, which helps to create simple geometric forms. Here’s how to build your own modern house in Minecraft.

adhere to rectangular geometric shapes

Houses in a modern style often consist of very clear geometric figures, such as large squares and rectangles placed on each other. Imagine your modern house in the form of a bunch of irregular-shaped cubes and collect them together.

Use modern materials

White and also black concrete light wood, quartz , and other similar materials-your best friends during the construction of a modern house. But this applies not only to the main building blocks. When it comes to lighting, accessories and everything else that you place in the house, you need to consider how it will look in a modern environment. Do not use torches and lighting lights, instead use lamps made of luminous stone as well as sea lanterns.

do not be homogeneous and symmetrical

Windows and forms do not have to coincide or be symmetrical. Rarely modern houses, and indeed at home, are symmetrical. Mixing the shapes of windows (horizontal and vertical) and their location, you can create something very modern.

balconies and pools

Add elements such as balconies and pools to make a modern house more unique. These features are not often found in old houses, so they really distinguish it. Using dark tinted glass, for example, gray and black, you can make really modern fences for your balconies.

Use a lot of glass

Using many glass panels and blocks, you can create something very unique and modern. Many glass is used in modern buildings, because modern glass manufacturing technologies make it more suitable for use. Reflect this in your assembly.

be unique!

While in some construction styles it is important to follow the instructions literally, with modern housing you can make changes and alterations to add your own view of things. Although all of the above steps are good recommendations if you want to break several rules to make your building unique, do it. Sometimes you will find that modern houses include something like an old stone wall or a natural landscape. This is your chance to include this in your assembly Minecraft!

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