Share the specifications for Marvel’s Spider

As many already know, one of the most acclaimed titles of PlayStation E Insomniac Games is Marvel’s Spider-Man, same that was confirmed that it will arrive at the beginning of August. However, not many progress have been shown in this regard, but this has changed thanks to new data provided by Sony in an advance.

First of all, they indicate in the video the special characteristics that the video game will count, the first one is optimized graphics, which can be changed based on the video card. We also have the Ray Tracing, thus showing reflections never seen before, at least for those who tested the original version of PS4 .


For their part we have the option of ultra wide screen, because little by little these monitors are becoming more common today. In addition, it has support for mouse and keyboard, as well as use of the Dualsense of PS5 , with the HD vibration of the title in the console.

It is worth commenting, that PlayStation shared an image of technical specifications of the game, making known the components with which the title will run in the most effective way. Here you can see the capture:

Remember that Marvel’s Spider-Man arrives on August 12 A PC via Steam and Epic Games Store .

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