Multiversus: Why do everyone hates Finn as an adventure time?

Open for a short week, the open beta of Multiversus is in full swing and the records of simultaneous players continue to break! The Smash Like with Warner Bros sauce has exploded Steam’s counters, while their early access beta had already marked the history of the genre a few days ago.

But, inevitably, more players mean more comments about the state of the game, and the community begins to bother from a fighter from the list that seems something tocanarices. Guilty? Finn the human, a character directly from the universe of adventure hour.

Is Finn broken?

The editor will already make some adjustments thanks to the comments of the players. It has been identified that Bugs Bunny, for example, has attacks that inflict unfair amounts of damage at just an instant. Therefore, the developers promised a Nerf for the rabbit, after Evo, as they did with Taz. Now that this case will be resolved, the anger of the players turns to another character: Finn.


If the hero did not seem so threatening in the early hours, now that many obviously dominated blows have been attenuated in the game, Finn has risen to the top of the list of characters most hated by the players. Clearly, many, many They consider it totally broken. The most virulent criticism refers to the attack with his bag.

A Reddit player even said that the character’s hitboxes areTexas size because the backpack of the backpack can hit a player from anywhere and can be used quite easily.

However, this opinion has no consensus within the community. Some players believe that the hero can only easily defeat the bad players due to his ability to quickly punish them by poorly chosen movements. So, Does the level of the players in question influence or the character is very chetad? The developers will decide.

The next update will arrive after Evo and will bring Nerf to Bugs Bunny, as well as improvements for Wonder Woman; As for the Finn case, we will have to wait and see if the study takes measures (or not).

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