More than 200 titles are added to Nintendo Switch sales. Various bargains from mysterious dungeons to high -rated ADV

The Nintendo E Shop has added a new sale target for Nintendo Switch the other day. The number of target titles added yesterday and today is about 250 works, and the period is different for each title. In this article, I will pick up some of the newly sold works and introduce them.

First of all, the popular titles of Spike Chun Soft have a lineup. AI: Somnium File where the sequel has been released can be purchased cheaply. You can review the story of the previous work.

AI: Somnium File
・ Kotaro Katsukoshi pursues serial murder with an adventure game for the adventure game and a prosthetic eye AI
・ 880 yen/80 % off tax (store page)

・ Sandbox type 2D action games with oversized volumes with large updates repeatedly
・ 2090 yen/50 % off (store page)

Happy Danganronpa S Super High School Class Tropical Dice Camp
・ The board games recorded in New Danganronpa V3 Everyone’s Colosia New Sect Service are significantly powered up, 50 days (50 turns) tropical training camps
・ 1650 yen/25 % off (store page)

Mysterious Dungeon Kazerai Shiren 5Plus Fortune Tower and Fate Dice
・ Added 3 types of original dungeons as a transplant version of the same title that was released for PS Vita and new elements
・ 1996 yen/33 % off (store page)

Many indie titles in Japan and overseas are sold. Highly evaluated works such as SPIRITFARER have a lineup. It is an opportunity to buy an indie game full of individuality.

・ Life on board a livelihood adventure game that sends the soul of a lost deceased to the world after death
・ 983 yen/67 % off tax (store page)

Overcooked 2-Overkook 2
・ Fine recipes and stages of the cooking action game Overcooked, up to 4 people online support and competition play
・ 687 yen/75 % off tax (store page)

Wingspan (Wing Span)
・ Digital version of popular board games that attract beautiful birds into wildlife protection areas, up to 5 players
・ 1209 yen/41 % off (store page)

・ Spin-off work of the stealth horror Hello Neighbor that reveals the secrets of neighbors, psychological warfare of up to 8 players and children
・ 1099 yen/50 % off (store page)

Kill It with Fire

・ If the spider is gone, whatever the house is, a spider confrontation action from the first-person perspective
・ 375 yen/75 % off tax (store page)

Black The Fall
・ Puzzle games aiming to escape with a small robot from the forced labor dystopia
・ 800 yen/50 % off tax (store page)

・ Soul-like science fiction action exploring contaminated space colony
・ 1749 yen/50 % off (store page)

Graveyard Keeper
・ The ethics of the ethics outside the black graveyard management is a grave defense slow life game
・ 1195 yen/50 % off (store page)

Anthesters Legacy
・ Real-time strategy game that fights through the bloody medieval war of buffet and germanians
・ 1290 yen/70 % off (store page)

・ Action adventure based on Scandinavian mythology, which depicts a huge boss with beautiful hand-drawn animations
・ 370 yen/75 % off tax (store page)

Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition
・ The first-person viewpoint simulation game that runs a slime ranch on a planet far away from the earth
・ 1542 yen/40 % off (store page)

Mr. Shifty
・ Use instantaneous movement (blink) to survive the battle next to death, one-shot death action from a viewpoint
・ 370 yen/75 % off tax (store page)

・ A large adventure that is approaching the abnormalities of Rabiribi Island, a cute 2D search action
・ 1350 yen/50 % off (store page)

Doscoi’s Wall
・ Dive through the hole in the wall approaching with the stretching power of sumo wrestling, maximum 4 people confront

・ 100 yen/80 % off tax (store page)

In addition, many titles are on sale at a discounted price. If you are interested, please take a look at the sale page. Nintendo Switch Summer Sale was announced at the Nintendo E Shop and Mynintendo Store (related article). The period is from midnight on August 1st to 11:59 pm on August 16, 2022.

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