Sea of Thieves: stuck in search of the sea – how to fix it

Sea of Thieves is a perfect pirate simulator that will allow you to realize your fantasies about navigation. There are many classes that you can enjoy, gathering with friends or playing al1. But sometimes you may encounter a mistake, for example, stuck in search of the sea. This can make you ask how to fix the hovering when looking for a sea error in Sea of Thieves.

How to fix the error Stuck when searching for the sea in Sea of Thieves

To correct the seas’ search error in Sea of Thieves, you will need to start again your game . This will work in most cases, but not always. If you still get this mistake and cannot play Sea of Thieves after the game restart, you need patient . Rare knows about the problem and introduces corrections, but new updates can cause problems.

This error occurs when connecting to the Sea of Thieves servers, which means that updates or high traffic of players can cause problems. It is also possible that the problem is related to your Internet connection, and in this case you should restart the router and check the Internet speed. If you reboot the router, check your speeds and notice that the speeds do not meet the norm, refer to your Internet provider.

If nothing helps, you can delete Sea of Thieves and reinstall it. In addition, you can turn to the official support of the sea of thieves . If you are lucky, they will be able to help you and eliminate this mistake.

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