Call of Duty Warzone Armament: What are the most used and best performance weapons this week

Call of Duty Warzone weapons is usually constantly changing. Unlike popular opinion, the goal goal does not settle immovable pillars. The target weapons are usually fixed in the tops of the tables because most players are costumbristas, but below there is a fighting powers that change every week and that is at the mercy of the balance and fashions.

Every Friday I tell you what is the state of the weapons of Warzone : Which are the most used, they kill more or less, they earn more or less games… and the most important thing: which ones go up or down in the tables. In addition, I will tell you some relevant changes concerning weapons.

Warzone Armament

Before starting with the figures, it is necessary to point out that in recent days there have been two weapons balance. Last week (end of July) there was a general balance in the Armament of Call of Duty Warzone that benefited and harmed certain weapons. Some of the beneficiaries were the VLK Rogue (shotgun) and 50 gs (gun) among others.

The balancing made Modern Warfare forgotten weapons. However, Warzone received another weapons balancing at the beginning of August that introduced new changes, including (a little) three favorite weapons of Modern Warfare that were increased: kilo 141 , Vlk rogue and .50 GS . The greatest beneficiaries were the snipers, especially in Amado Kar98k ** (Vanguard).

All this has made the Wzranked Tables, a source that I am going to use for these guides, they turn completely crazy, they have even shaped the goal. Until a week ago, the subfusiles H4 Blixen and Marco 5 were the undisputed kings. Now, assault rifles and shotguns have claimed their place in the finish line. There is a little variety… but not much.

most used and effective weapons this week (July 1-7)

The last two weapons balance have made the three tables change significantly. In order from left to right, you can see the tables dedicated to the pick (the most chosen) ratio, k/d rat (the ones that kill the most) and victory ratio (the ones that star in the most victories).

Pick ratio

Let’s start with the pick ratio. As I advanced on July 14 in his guide, KG M40 was ascending positions in every way… until he became the most used weapon this week. It has a pick ratio of 8.30, surpassing the subfusil H4 Blixen (7.21). In third and fourth place are the Marco 5 (6.94) and NZ-41 (6.85), before in the top of this table.


Finally, the assault rifle Kilo 141 (5.84) by Modern Warfare increases its pick ratio until it is positioned as the most used weapon after the last two balanced. Their numbers show that it has been very chosen, but the second balancing of arms has taken efficiency and this is reflected in the red numbers of K/D and Victorias ratio, 0.81 and 1.82 respectively.

K/D ratio

The k/d ratio or how much weapons kill are usually the figures that most interest the players. While the pick ratio only shows the general election of the community, the K/D ratio shows the effectiveness of the general weapon. The H4 Blixen remains the weapon that kills the most, no surprise.

This week’s surprise arrives with the second and third place, which occupy them the kg m40 and Vlk rogue , two weapons that I warned in their guides that went to the top of the table and thus it has been. Despite having received a Nerfeo in the second balancing (I needed it, it was unbalanced), the shotgun Vlk Rogue remains one of Warzone’s weapons the most this week.

It is interesting to see the assault rifle NZ-41 , the subfusil Marco 5 and the ZRG 20mm sniper so low in the table. In addition, the beloved Kar98k (vanguard) does not even make an appearance. It is in the middle of the table. This is the proof that the popular option is not always the most effective.

Victorias ratio

The victory ratio does not measure the favorites of the community or how much they kill. On paper, they are the weapons that give the most to their carriers. I feel obliged to clarify that this does not imply that they kill more or be better. Many of these weapons are carried out as a complement to the main ones for very specific situations.

It surprises me halfway see the Combat shield in first position. This is a clear example of what I commented in the previous paragraph: they are not used as the main weapon to win, but they are very useful for grouping in groups, for face to face in recent circles and to protect your back when You have unbalanced.

The shotgun Vlk Rogue , the subfusil H4 Blixen and the assault rifle Kg M40 are the leading weapons in victories. In addition, they coincide with the weapons that have more K/D ratio and that are favorite in the case of Kg M40 .

In summary : The leading weapons of this week are the VLK Rogue shotgun, the subfusil H4 Blixen and the assault rifle Kg M40 . You can build your class configuration based on these weapons: Kg M40 as the main weapon and complement it with the VLK Rogue or the H4 BLIXEN .

Before finishing, I also share what the secondary weapons are with more pick, k/d and victories ratio. In this case, the most used and effective secondary weapons belong (in order) to Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard.

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