How to play the creative map Animal Race in Fortnite

Animal Race is a new creative map added to Fortnite, and wolves and a board are represented in this deadly mini-game. Players will be able to ride these animals and rush on the map to unlock achievements and bonuses. The Animal Race map was created @chouPala26, and players can find it in the creative mode of Fortnite. Here’s how players can find a card and play in the Animal Round in Fortnite.

Code of creative card Fortnite Animals Race

To play on the creative map Animal Race, players first need to change the game mode. Click on the option The modes of the game and click the Island Code. Write down the next code and click enter to download the animal race card: 1206-6333-8076 . Click play to queue for the match, and you can change the filling parameter between open and private. This creative card revolves around players crossing the racing highway for several circles, and you can ride an animal before the start of the race.

On the top of the animal you will have to park in different places, and the fall leads to the restart of the race from the last control point. Animals Race participates a maximum of eight players with four different rounds. Along the way, players will find various random objects, which allows you to get an advantage over enemies. Be careful when passing through complex areas, as there are Crash Pads that can be used to bounce forward.

In the 3rd season Fortnite, chapter 3, there are several tasks that players can perform from quests of the 9th week. Although some of the quests are simple, there are several complex tasks, such as emotions when receiving shields. Quickly perform these quests to earn combat stars that can be used to unlock cosmetic objects from combat pass.

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