Idris Elba gives track of his great return to the DC universe

One of the characters most recent in the most recent movie of Suicide Squad was Bloodsport , which is played by the actor Idris Elva, reason why they continue to ask for more projects in more projects of the style. And now that Peacemaker already had its own series, it is possible that Robert Dubois has the same destination for an adventure independently.

In an interview with the reporter of Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes , Erik Davis , for his next survival thriller Beast . The actor revealed that he has something really important cooking for dc at this time and that can lead us directly to the extended universe of the ribbons of this universe of heroes, villains and antiheroes.

A clue related to James Gunn has also emerged would be directing this first season of the alleged series:

I am working very seriously on another DC project, where I am very involved in writing and direction. There will be a mixture of Peacemaker’s characters in the other programs I am working on. And I am also involved with a couple of other things.

While the director reveals if he is working on something related to Bloodsport , his next project to arrive is neither more nor less than the guardians of the Vol. 3. This tape will be a closure for Marvel characters . Although it is not fully known if they will have a tragic destination, or if it will be a separation of the team for their own interests.

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