How to register to participate in the Fangs Alpha gaming test

Hidden Leaf Games conducts a two-week alpha test for its new Fangs game. If you have a discord account, you can very quickly and easily imagine your name in the draw. This is how to do it.

What are the requirements for the game test Fangs Alpha?

The criteria for the one whom Hidden Leaf Games is ideally looking for to participate in his alpha version are not entirely clear. They stated that although they would give out many codes, they will be limited. This tells us that they can have at least some restrictions about who will participate in testing.

We have collected some details that, in our opinion, Hidden Leaf Games can look for the alpha test participants:

At the age of 13 years Old.
Available for the game from August 19 to September 2, 2022 for two-week game testing.
Has discord account.
At least a little acquainted with moba and Arena Brawler video games.


It seems that there are few restrictions on the region, floor, platforms or other criteria. Hidden Leaf Games can disqualify participants on the basis of any number of details, but this is not publicly reported. For this reason, we cannot say exactly what the perfect playester looks like.

How to take part in the game test Fangs Alpha

To take part in the Fangs alpha test, you need to go to the page of the alpha test application. Fill in all the necessary information that is asked from you. The questions are very simple, and filling out the application will take only a few minutes. You will need the current email address and Discord id . Make sure you are Subscribe after filling out the questionnaire to make sure that it is sent. To be sure that you can contact you, we recommend that you join the Fangs Discord server.

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