Hero Collection Mobile RPG, Baller Legend pre -booking start

On the 18th, the Century Games will start a pre-booking mobile RPG ‘Baller Legend: Eternal Summoner’ (Baller Legend).

Valer Legend is an RPG that allows you to enjoy strategic battles with heroes with different features. It is set in the magic continental oasis, which is a battle over seven artifacts.

There are more than 70 heroes, which can grow into a reward collected by automatic farming. Through this, you can organize your own team to enjoy various contents and reveal the truth hidden in the Oasis continent. In addition, you can cooperate or compete with other users with the exploration of the Kingdom, Guild War, and Arena of Glory.

Compensation is paid according to the achievement of pre-reservations. 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, and 300,000 people give advanced contracts and diamonds, and if you record more than 500,000 people, they will provide all of the five-star legend hero ‘Spring Elf Flora’. In addition, if you log in for 3 days, you will also have 30 advanced contracts.

Century Games said, We have started a pre-booking of the baller legend. We have prepared a lot of pre-booking gifts, including the elves and floras of spring, so don’t miss it, and I’ll do our best to help you get you as soon as possible. I conveyed it.

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