Diablo IV Character enhancements -Developer blog update introducing new content, etc.

Blizzard Entertainment announced on the official website on August 18, 2010, for PC/PS4/Xbox One, which will be released in 2023, Diablo IV .

In the third update of the quarter-year update this year, the seasonal content, live events that appear after the release of Diablo IV, new items and meta that will give you the pleasure of building rebuilding, and shops selling paid items. A wide variety of contents have been released.

The Diablo IV season is modeled on Diablo III, and when the new season starts, the characters are rebuilt from scratch and cannot carry over the previous season’s items and gold. In each season, in addition to new gameplay elements, quests, challenges, meta changes, and improvements in QOL will be added.

One of the remarkable content is that the cosmetics items appearing in the shop have asserted that Diablo IV cannot be strengthened by charging.
The cosmetics of the shop are Transmog (appearance change items), which customizes the appearance of the character. Even if it looks powerful, it does not have the advantage in game play. In addition, we touch the transparency of the shop, such as being able to see what looks like the preview function before purchasing.

Overseas media PC Gamer said, The fierce rebound from users who occurred in the Diablo Immortal item billing and the memories of the notorious Diablo 3 real money forced house are old at the bottom of the kitchen trash can. It is said that it remains like a cat food smell. For shops and cosmetics items, this time, There is no advantage in the game, There are no options to be stronger by charging. It is likely that this is why we repeatedly emphasize the word not providing the top options over and over again.

After the release of the Diablo IV, a large-scale development team specializing in the season will operate and many developers will support it for many years, and will be testing an end game system this year.

Diablo IV is scheduled to be released in 2023.

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