LOL: The most controversial play of a professional who reveals a big problem for the next World Cup

In a season in which the gameplay of League of Legends seems satisfying both professionals and players focused on qualifying games, a new controversy promises to cloud the most important moment of the year. Already over the last months different Riot Games failures have appeared even in professional items, where it was usually unlikely to see programming errors. It was a mere statistical issue: as less games are played, it is unlikely that some of the straightest ‘bugs’ appear in the video game. However, something has changed in recent times.

A play that demonstrates Riot’s big problem for the Worlds 2022


Throughout the season, failures have appeared in professional games and, since then, everything that happens in them is analyzed with magnifying glass. A situation that has resulted in multiple discoveries. The last one took place in a match corresponding to the playoffs of the Korean competition of League of Legends. It was specifically in the fourth game between DWG Kia and KT Rolster belonging to the quarterfinals. In it, when Showmaker’s boys were preparing to certify their victory, they found that the rival Aphelia could use the flash at the time in which the prevented movement should have by the E (bewitched) of Ahri.

The play was a complete change for the game. Dwg Kia players were out of position and could not complete a hunted that would have for total their victory in the game. In fact, they lost this map and were about to be out of the semifinals of the playoffs, which would also have considerably diminished their options to reach the next Worlds 2022. A situation that has alarmed the community, which, which He was also surprised by the fact that there was no pause to use the Chronobreak tool.

The problem is that this ruling is part of the list of known bugs of League of Legends, so that the players are informed before the games that there is a possibility that this occurs and that in no case will use the tools available to solve it. It is a risk that professionals must decide whether or not to assume. However, with the most important competition of the year around the corner, there have been few who have wondered What would happen in case this same situation took place in the Worlds’ final or in a fifth map of decisive clashes. The result has already changed once obviously, and could happen again.

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