Open World Crime Action Its only Money! Ali for stealing and destroying with friends in multiplayer

USUAL SUSPECTS has announced the Open World Co-OP Action It’s only Money . The trailer is published on YouTube.

The stage is a huge city called Rockhaven. Rockhaven’s new mayor has pushed the inhabitants that do not fit their vision into the huge hole THE HOLE and expelled to UNDERCITY.

However, it does not mean that UNDERCITY residents, including players, do not fight back, do pickpockets, vandalism, destructive acts, etc., and defeat the corrupted companies owned by the mayor.

Purchase clothes and homes based on the funds obtained by pickpockets, buy a company and develop business. When you buy a house, you can return the UNDERCITY people to the life of the Rockhaven surface where you originally lived, and decorate the residential area according to your residents to provide buffs and items. 。

This work is compatible with multiplayer for up to four players, so you can challenge steals and missions together. In addition, street racing and Prop Hunt (so-called hide-and-seek) are also prepared as PVP mode, and you can see that the Steam store page is transformed into a trash can and runs away.

It’s only Money will be distributed to PC (Steam).

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