Be a star!, Raplesia brand page

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 19th that it opened a brand page ahead of the large update of the hit ‘Be Star!’

You can check the main contents of the large-scale update of Laplesia, which is scheduled for the 25th on the brand page. The large-scale update of ‘Raplesia’ contains the second story of Season 8 and is eye-catching with new content. A variety of characters will appear in the background of the new adventure area, Memphis. The new challenge contents, Welcome Tower, and the new third-impact heroes Knicks and Fontos are also revealed to add expectations.


There are also abundant events commemorating large-scale updates. All users who connect after the update will present the items needed to strengthen the power, such as ‘Ruby Million’ and ‘300 Hero Card Summon Tickets’. New and return users will be given a lot of game items such as ‘500,000 Ruby’ and ‘Hero Enhancement’. In particular, it will provide a ‘start pack’ that supports the rapid growth of users who are starting for the first time.

‘Be a Star!’ Is a fantasy adventure RPG developed by Flint (CEO Kim Young-mo) and serviced by Com2us Holdings. It has become a representative classic mobile game through steady updates with emotional graphics, solid stories and vast contents of fairy tale style. For more information, please visit the official cafe.

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