Lion made with digital technology, unity new demo Ryan released

On the 22nd, Unity unveiled a new demo, Lion, modeled on its own lion.


‘Ryan’ is a new demonstration that contains the realistic lion’s mane and hair, and the movement of the exactly represented character. Ryan implemented not only Unity Editor Art Tool but also Chiba, vegetation-based speed tree, and visual collaboration tool sink sketch to help render Render.

It is characterized by realizing realistic creatures and scene rendering based on the main graphics functions and the newly developed core technologies. The HDRP (High Definition Rendering Pipeline) performance and image quality have been improved, and the ZIVA RT Unity Player (ZIVA RT Unity Player) and hair system have been newly developed to enable real-time high-definition visuals.

In particular, the cluster hair simulation was recently released in GitHub as a new system based on hair simulation used in the tech demo ‘ENEMIES’ released in March. It will be possible to accurately render the hair of a million strands, which will enable more efficient work. In addition, the Weta Digital Hair and Fur Cleanup ‘WIG’ were used to embody lion mane and fur. This tool increases the accuracy of the hair or fur theorem and allows you to adjust the settings more detailed.

The vegetation modeling function of ‘Speed Tree’ helped create a lively environment. Optimize assets created by Speedtree Cinema for real-time, adding dust-covered grass around the lion, and on the horizon, a shapes indicating African fabin trees, and the lion model and plant asset resolution match. did.

In addition, ‘Sink Sketch’ showed that creators can easily collaborate and work anytime, anywhere. Unity team members who participated in the Ryan demo remotely worked through sink sketches in many countries in North America and Western Europe.

Unity supports developers and creatures by supporting tools for creators by supporting tools for creators, said Natalia Tata Chuck Unity Anti Technology & Graphics Innovation Division. The purpose is to stabilize the overall workflow and help creators to solve the requirements facing in the actual production process.

The tools used in Unity ‘Ryan’ can be used by any creator, and further reinforced hair simulation and rendering improvements will be provided through the Unity 2023.1 Tech Stream.

Unity’s new demo Ryan is also available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PCs. More details related to Ryan can be found on the official blog.

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