Paprika will have a new Live Action movie

Paprika is considered one of the best anime films of all time. In this way, it was only a matter of time before a live action adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui‘s novel was made a reality. That’s right, A Live Action movie from paprika is already in development.

Although many are familiar with the work of Satoshi Kon, this new adaptation will take its main inspiration from the original novel. Regarding the creative minds that will work on this project, Deadline reports that Cathy Yan , recognized for their work at Birds of Prey and dead Pigs, will be the executive producer and director of this new version of _papriprika, the which will be produced by Amazon Studios and Hivemind.

Together with Yan, her producer producer Ash Sarohia will also be an executive producer under her brand, Rewild, as well as Masi Oka and Jason F. Brown of Hivemind. Unfortunately, At the moment there is no information about the actors that will participate in this project , or a release date for this new adaptation.

In related issues, an adaptation of gravity rush is already in development. Similarly, this was the performance of dragon ball super: super hero at the box office.

Editor’s note:

Considering that one of the most striking elements of Paprika’s anime is his visual style, this new adaptation will have to be at least, of what Satoshi Kon presented us a long time ago. Hopefully this project is a success, and not one more failure.

Vía: Deadline

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