Saints Row: Tips & Tricks for the Open World

In our tips guide to Saints Row you can find out:

  • How to improve your weapons
  • How to unlock new combat skills
  • Where you can tune cars
  • Where you can get an off-road kit from

* How to unlock the quick trip

Simply boss of a gangster empire : With Saints Row, this wish at least fulfills virtually. We show you what you should pay attention to at the beginning of your criminal career.

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don’t let yourself be distracted by the Open World

In the event of an open world game, do without the Open World? You can let off steam in Saints Row after the prologue in the open game world, but many activities and collective tasks-for example the collector’s items for the embellishment of your headquarters -are only activated after a few main missions. So follow the story before exploring the game world.

How do I improve my weapons in Saints Row?

As a criminal genius, you naturally also need powerful creaks. The weapons available at the beginning are not bad, but at the latest when you are concerned with the exemption from neighborhoods-you need a decent and, above all, equipped arms arsenal **.

Each weapon has a iconic ability . These are permanent improvements that make a weapon stronger or give it an additional function. For example, you can convert the semi-automatic idol pistol into an automatic pistol.

You don’t unlock iconic skills with money. You have to master certain challenges with the weapons, such as killing 20 opponents from one roof by head shot. Most skills are not very time-consuming, which is why it is worth working directly on iconic skills for new weapons.

How do I unlock new skills?

In the skills app on your smartphone, you unlock passive improvements such as more health and special attacks for fighting. By the way, you cannot buy grenades from the dealer, but you have to equip as an infinitely rechargeable special attack in the skills app. There are a total of 20 activations, all of which are linked to your level. With every step promotion, you unlock a new ability.

There is also the advantages app , in which you buy places for permanent improvements for money. The improvements themselves do not cost any money, but receive as a reward for the conclusion of challenges.

How do I tune my car in Saints Row?

As a real gangster, you need a corresponding cart with which you draw all the eyes on you. You can embellish cars in Jimrob’s workshop and equip them with other special features. The workshop is unlocked after you have helped Jimrob during the main story.

In the workshop you can increase the durability, performance, top speed and off-road maneuverability with the help of up to three upgrade kits . However, you have to buy the upgrade kits separately for every car.

Just like with the weapons, you can unlock iconic skills on your cars by completing special challenges. We also advise you to buy the following two upgrade kits as early as possible:

off-road kit *: Allows you to drive away from the street without any problems.
tow rope *: A rope with which you can grab cars and other objects.

Saints Row plays in a desert and there are many abbreviations that lead over off-road paths. If you drive without off-road kit, you constantly lose control of your car. This is annoying-therefore get an off-road kit for every car as early as possible.

How do I unlock the quick trip?

You can travel to your Saints headquarters at any time, but you have to unlock other quick travel points . On the map, yellow symbols are shown on it on it-these are the quick travel locations.

To be able to use the points, you have to go to the place and take a photo of the local sight . Only then is this place activated on the map for the quick trip.

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