Announced open world martial arts action WHERE Winds Meet. Waring Uzumazu General Five -generation Economics and confronts strong enemies in a creepy different world

On August 24, the developer EVERSTONE GAMES announced Winds Meet . Compatible platforms are undecided. It was unveiled at the game event 2022 Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Were Winds Meet is an action game set in a world-based world. According to IGN, it will be an open world game on the stage in the Fifth Generation era. The mysterious swordsman, the protagonist, seems to adventure in China in a dangerous era in which the dynasty of the ten countries opposes.

In the trailer, in addition to traveling on a horse, you can see jumping using something like a hook, climbing a cliff, and running on the wall. As for the location, various places appear from bamboo grove to lively cities. There seems to be a scene where you board a huge ship and fight, and there are also plays that explode the gunpowder barrels with fire arrows and exhaust the enemy.

You can also check game play in the town from the trailer. The fact that information is obtained from begging, etc., the occurrence of battle in the town, and elements such as Parcour and Stealth are unveiled. It seems that various techniques can be used, such as hitting multiple enemies and stopping moving at a speed that cannot be stopped.

In the battle, it seems that in addition to bow and swords, you can fight with a fist with weapons without using weapons. It seems that the enemy also appears as a human, as well as a huge opponent. In this work, you can also see supernatural elements, so you can see fantasy elements even in the trailer. For example, in places like a different world dyed red, confronting a bewitching woman with a sickle as a huge sword falls. After that, a man sitting on the top of a huge golden statue appears in the area of the corpse. The video is concluded with a production that anticipates the confrontation with a man who follows the beast. It seems that there are also dark fantasy parts such as enemies and worldviews.

Although the content of the game has not yet been revealed, there are some elements reminiscent of popular action games in game play. On the other hand, we want to pay attention to the characteristic era setting of the fifth generation. I look forward to the appearance of the open world dark fantasy set in the war.

WHERE WINDS MEET is under development by EVERSTONE GAMES.

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