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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 improved various Vanguard weapons, including the G-43 rifle. Although this weapon is not as powerful as DMR to Nerf, it works well enough and has several settings. Here is a guide for the best devices and classes G-43 for use in Warzone Pacific.

Best G-43 fighting zone for long-range combat

Muzzle *: muffler mx
barrel : Fitzerbert 500 mm rapid
Optical : SV-40 PU sight 3-6X
reserve *: Skeleton Wyverns
Substract : Pistolet handle SMLE
magazine : 6.5 mm Sakura 20 round stores
ammunition *: elongated
Rear handle : Leather handle
perk 1 : shrouded

* perk 2 : fully loaded / in stock

The devices used here increase the rate of fire, range, accuracy and mobility G-43. You can combine this assembly with a storming rifle or a nearby pistol. The Fitzherbert Rapid trunk is the most important device, as it increases the rate of fire of the weapon so that you can shoot faster. To further increase the rate of fire, we used the Sakura store 6.5 mm caliber, which also improves the control of the return of weapons. The remaining devices are designed to increase the mobility of the G-43 MR.

The best combat G-43 combat zone with full automatic unloading

Muzzle *: Compensator
barrel : Wyvern 570 mm, fully automatic
optical : Slantsy reflector
reserve *: reinforced according to Fiterbert
Substract : Front hilt of the cutter
magazine : 8 mm round stores Klauser 40
ammunition *: hollow point
Rear handle : Polymer pen
perk 1 : hard control
* perk 2 : fully loaded / in stock

This assembly G-43 for close combat is best combined with any long-range assault rifle. The Wyvern Full-Auto trunk turns the gun into a fully automatic rifle, but it reduces the vertical and horizontal return of the weapon. To resist this, we used various nozzles that improve the return, including the compensator, the Fiterbert’s butt, the front handle of Carver, the polymer handle and the Tight Grip perk.

If you find that this G-43 is quite easy to manage, you can replace some devices with those that increase mobility. For example, replace the Polymer Grip with tissue handle rear handle and use Pistolet handle Smle Substract instead of the front handle Carver.

Best Combat Class Settings G-43

Main weapon *: Marco 5 / Grau 5.56
additional weapons : G-43
deadly : grocery / throwing knife

Tactical *: Steam
perk 1 : serpentine
perk 2 : Excess
* perk 3 : amplifier

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, go to our article about the best equipment Striker 45 and class in Call of Duty Warz1.

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