Announced horror search ADV THE LIGHTKEEPER. Explore the cursed island as a lighthouse guard, the reality and delusions approach the unknown mystery

Individual developer Carlos Pérez announced on August 30 the first-person exploration sim, The Lightkeeper . The release is scheduled for August 1, 2023. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The recommendation of the horror game reports.

The Lightkeeper is a first-person exploration simulation. The stage was set on the cursed Sinnigan Islands in northern Scotland in 1965. Players will be a British youth who underwent the job of the island’s lighthouse guards to escape from reality, and will search for an island where no one is working as a lighthouse guard. Through the search, we will elucidate the events that occurred in the lighthouse, HARRY, who disappeared, and what happened in the past on a mysterious island. Eventually, it seems to be approaching the unknown mystery of mankind.


In this work, it is said that the story will be advanced by solving mysteries in various places and discovering abandoned notes and newspapers. In the trailer, you can see how a hint appears when you turn the memo you find. In addition, the video also shows binoculars and cutlery, which may be a help to solve the mystery.

In addition, players can freely explore every corner of the island. The trailer has a lot of locations, such as a light tunnel, a rusted abandoned ship, and a group of houses that look good, all of which are drawn in realistic graphics. As you touch the legends and the mysteries of those scenery, the protagonist falls into a doubt whether what he is looking at is real or fancy.

This work is handled by individual developer Carlos Pérez. In the past, he has released the TPS Robots: The Awakening in ITCH.IO, which fights with robots. Although the genre has changed a lot, the development know-how such as graphics seems to be used in this work. I would like to look forward to the follow-up report of The Lightkeeper, which confronts the unknown mystery on an eerie island.

The Lightkeeper will be released on August 1, 2023 for PC (Steam).

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