Steam backpack organized rogue rike gets sick. Play the new HER Story developer Immortality. Play NASAs first -person viewpoint game on Xbox. This weeks gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 352nd time. Autumn sign.

Astronaut’s feeling

This week, I played a little Space Science Investigations. It is an educational simulation game that NASA is distributed for free for Xbox One. The content is to prepare at the International Space Station (ISS) to accept the Japanese Space Station Supply Machine Kokonori (HTV). Looking for a camera, it is installed in an observation window called WORF. 。

The inside of the ship can be moved freely, and the inside of the ISS reproduced by NASA supervision can be observed. The actual ship can be seen in Google Street View, and it seems to be clearly cleared, but it is a very interesting experience to be able to search from a first-person perspective. However, I get drunk very 3D… By the way, if you rush to the toilet, the achievement will be released.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

Mystery hidden in unreleased movies

This week, I was playing a new work Immortality by the developer of Her Story. This game is a game that explores some secrets from images related to three unreleased movies. In 1968, the unknown actress Marissa Marcel was selected for a movie and made her silver screen debut. Subsequently, she appeared in a movie in 1970 and 1999, but no movie was released for some reason. In the end, she disappears from her world without debuting in her movie. Why were none of the movies released? Who was Marissa Marcel? In this work, we will watch a short video related to unreleased movies and follow the mystery.

The rough system is the same as Her Story and Telling Lies. However, this work can be reached to a new video by directly specifying the person and things in the video. In addition, the previous two surveys were the investigation materials and conversation records, but in this work, it was a rehearsal video during the production of the movie, and the story of the movie was also developed. I felt that it was easy to get immersed in video playback. I personally like Her Story, and I remember that Telling Lies did not fit. In this work, she was dull, but she was immersed after reaching a secret on the way. I think that the gameplay that explodes something hidden from many videos was unique to this work.
by. Keiichi yokoyama

Work backpack is covered with plastic bottles

I’m addicted to Backpack Hero, which is being distributed early by Steam. It is a rucksack organized roglike game. The deck construction system, including SLAY THE SPIRE, is all touching, but I feel that this game is a bit out of mind. As for the game flow, it is a repetition of picking up items, packing them in a backpack. However, it is very good that each item is unique. The game itself is interesting because the size is different, the impact on other items is reasonable, and the items are interesting.

There are three types of characters, each with a different feeling of play. The rat in it is orthodock, but the rat alone can build a fairly wide build. Weapons and defense builds. A bow building and a meat-cut kitchen knife build. For armor, it is interesting that the strategy changes depending on whether it is the center of the armor or the center of the shield. The most enjoyable writer was Tsuruhasibuild. This vine is special and troublesome in terms of size, but by defeating the enemy, jewel can be obtained+when the jewel is around, the attack power is enhanced. Every time you defeat the enemy, you can get a high alien jewel, so you don’t have to worry about money. There are some such broken builds, but I love them. Although it is compatible with Japanese, there are some mistakes in some places, but I am looking forward to the future as an early access title. By the way, I played this game until the morning and I was sick this week.
by. Ayuo Kawase

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