Blockchain PC MMORPG Aki World, official service open

Aki World (, the blockchain version of XL Games’ masterpiece Archie Age, has launched its official service.

Aki World is a game that introduces blockchain technology into authentic PC MMORPG genres, and stably combines land NFT and torque of economic ecosystems. It is recognized for its efforts as the user, so practical economic activities are possible.

‘Aki World’ successfully completed the alpha test, which was conducted for about two weeks for NFT holders in August. In the test, Aki World said that the positive evaluation of ‘a game with a clear reality of the blockchain system’ was the main.

In Aki World, it is recognized that the ownership of digital data assets, such as characters and equipment that gamers have grown for time and effort, are recognized for the user, and these assets are not simply staying in the game, but are recorded in the outside world through blockchain and freely traded freely It is expected that the era of ‘blockchain MMORPG’ will be realized because it can be.

Song Jae-kyung, CEO of XL Games Co., Ltd., said, If the fun and various episodes will be transparent through blockchain, the trust in the game will be higher. I hope to be vital to the blockchain game market.

For more information, such as the rich event, you can find it on the Aki World website (

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