This time is a mocumentary? Overseas Urban Legend Horror ADV THE BACKROOMS FOOTAGE early access start -Rumors of strange rooms do not end

Developer UNTOLD BACKROOMS Stories has launched an early access to the PC (Steam) for PC (Steam) for the survival horror, a survival horror, based on overseas urban legends.

THE BACKROOMS is a kind of urban legend that attracts attention mainly on SNS and video sites as an overseas net memory. is. Overall, the image of a strange room with a yellowish, no sign of people, has spread through the Internet, creating various motifs with this image. Steam also distributes many games on Backrooms. See here for details.

This work is also a survival horror that shares the world view of THE BACKROOMS. At one point, I picked up a video tape containing the video, and the moment I tried to rewind it, I noticed that I was lost in the yellow room for some reason, but the trailer uses live action. Mocumentary wind is being performed. In addition, it is composed of realistic graphics and images in a live-action-like style through the video camera’s eyes, including game play, and is more immersive. Players will explore the levels divided by a number of risks and aim to escape.

About early access

The early access period is scheduled for 6 to 9 months, and the official version will add various content, such as new creatures, puzzles, levels, and gameplay improvements. The price seems to be changed at the time of official release.

The survival horror THE BACKROOMS FOOTAGE, which is a theme of overseas net, is now available for PC (Steam).

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