These are Pinocchios first reviews by Robert Zemeckis

Pinocchio is one of the most loved Disney films in the public. Although the property is already in the public domain, many were looking forward to the premiere of the remake of Disney+. Well, the day has arrived, and the tape is already available to all interested parties. In this way, the first reviews have come to light, and it seems that the reception is anything but positive.

Currently, Pinocchio_ has a 28% rating in Rotten Tomatoes by critics , and 60% by the public. Here we see a similar case of the remake live action of _the Lion King,where a great technical level in animation is recognized, but there is nothing else that justifies its existence. This was what Empire Magazine commented:

Although not without charm, and some splendid CGI, this bag of dispersed surprises of good intentions results in a kind of flat line. This puppet will not touch your sensitive fibers.

For its part, Globe and Mail pointed out:

A new version of‘ Live Action ’completely unnecessary of the animated classic, the Yemenis film achieves a series of cinematographic achievements, none of them commendable.

Total film, meanwhile, added:

Another pleasant addition, but defective to the Disney Live Action catalog, with impressive images that capture the original’s magic, but finally fail to keep the pace.

Similarly, The Wall Street Journal is not so happy with this product:

The blue fairy may have given life to Pinocchio, but nobody here is delivering anything particularly new.

Along with this, Variety commented:

As with many of the previous CGI extravagances of the director, all the meticulous surface details of the world cannot compensate for the central emptiness of the digital creations of the film.


Apparently, the film adds to the list of Remakes Live Action that, although they are visually impressive, lack the charism and the astonishment that their original versions offered us at the time. However, the public reception is more positive, with the majority pointing out that it is the same story that they remember and love.

Pinocchio_ by Robert Yemenis is now available on Disney+. On related issues, here you can see the new Lies of P trailer, Pinocchio’s Source. Similarly, this is the new advance of Guillermo del Too’s Pinocchio movie.

Editor’s note:

It is true that Disney Live Action remakes are just a way of getting more money from their properties. It is a pity that movies so loved by the public are treated in this way. At the end of the day this is a business, but at least Disney must be striving a little more to offer a quality product that is worth it.

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