How to hang a mantle and a ledge in Modern Warfare 2

In the latest release of Cod Next showcase, players saw a number of new elements that appeared in Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2.0. One of the outstanding things was a new mechanics of movement and bypass that the players will experience in the game. Diving, mantle and suspension on a ledge-these are some mechanic of the bypass that you need to use in the game to slip past the opponents and quickly take a favorable position. Here’s how players can effectively use Mantle and Ledge Hang movements in Modern Warfare 2.

How to dive in Modern Warfare 2


Diving is a new mechanics of movement that players can use in Modern Warfare 2, and it is quite easy to perform. Sliding and diving are quite closely interconnected and depend on your sprint. To slide, you need to move from sprint to squat. In the same way, the immersion in Modern Warfare 2 occurs when the players cross tactical sprint to Kasich . Dive mechanics are more tactful than sliding, in terms of changing the position of the vertex. While the slide leads you a little further, Dive allows you to get out of the window or building with a quick fall. Diving will also force opponents to adjust the position of the sight, which will make it difficult to get to your character.

How to hang on a ledge in Modern Warfare 2?

In Modern Warfare 2, players will be able to hang on a ledge, which expands the range of vertical maneuvering in the game. Players climbing the wall naturally turn into a mantle from which you can look out and look around. Developers also test a function that allows players to pull out a gun from Ledge Hang. Players get to Ledge Hang and Mantle, diving from a parachute. Find buildings in which there is enough space for Mantling to effectively use this mechanics. You can also jump onto the vehicle from the Ledge Hang position.

Can you climb onto the roof of the car in Modern Warfare 2?

In Modern Warfare 2, players will get into the mantle on the roof of the car. In the same way, you can also stick out of the car window and shoot. This function will be available to the driver and passengers. Players can effectively hang on a ledge and jump onto a helicopter when a teammate brings it. These new mechanics focused on action will change the nature of road battles in Modern Warfare 2.

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