Genshin Impact: DragonSpine knowledge, explanation

The first additional region Genshin Impact, Dragon spine Mountain, excited the fans when it was released in version 1.2. So much so that they may have missed most of his knowledge when they were looking for stone signs or climbed to its top. Do not worry. If you missed, we have an abbreviated version right here for you.


What is DragonS pine in Genshin Impact?

Dragon Ridge-a mountain located in the southern part of Ronstadt. Previously, it was called vindagnire . About 500 years ago, the Dark Dragon, During went to the battle with the wind dragon and was defeated, Dealing . During’s body was left on the slope of the mountain and decomposed, and the mountain became better known as the Dragon Range. It is considered one of the most dangerous regions of Ronstadt due to ice-cold all year round.

What is Sal Kindlier in Genshin Impact?

Sal Vindagnire is an ancient civilization, which owns the ruins of the dragon ridge. Around the time the war of the arc hons 2000 years ago, a group escaping from the cold of Northern Ronstadt came to the lush greenery of the mountain. They founded the city on the top of the mountain and inside it, enjoying the prosperity and blessing of Celestial.

One of the main features of this city was a large white tree, which was probably connected with Arminius . Under him was born the last Princess Sale Intaglio. It was known that she had visions of the future, and she painted them like frescoes. Her last vision was an omen. She saw a black dragon covering the vintage fat with clouds of scarlet poison. Around the same time or shortly after that, a heavenly frosty nail fell from heaven to Vintage.

Что Sky frost Nail сделал с Салом Виндагниром в Genshin Impact

The mechanism of heavenly frosty nail still remains a mystery, but we know two things. One, he came from Celestial , and two, after he fell on the vindagnyr, the mountain quickly turned from magnificent and green into snow wasteland. The princess gave the foreign hero, immunlaucr , a sword of star silver from the snow grave, asking him to find a way to turn back what happened. He is described as a close to the princess, but he accepted her command and left Sale Intaglio.

Soon, a large white tree began to fade. Residents of Sal Vindagnir tried to heal him with the help of Leal-linius , but before they managed to do this, the nail of heavenly frost split into three parts. Again, the mechanics are unclear here, but this led to the death of a great tree. The princess tried to instill a branch of a large white tree to another tree on a neighboring small island, but the vaccine failed, and she died in the process.

Mukluk returned and found that the whole city was abandoned. He vowed spending time with a song of iron and blood, then he left a snowy silver sword in a room depicted above, and went on a journey of revenge.

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