Superstar Games validates Great Leak to GTA 6: We are extremely disappointed

A hacker has come to sensitive data GTA 6 and also purportedly also GTA 5.

The leak for the upcoming GTA 6 has accepted substantial percentages:

  • A customer published 90 videos with a total amount of 3 mins gameplay for GTA 6-probably the biggest leak in the background of rock celebrity.
  • But that was insufficient for the individual: he is currently blackmailing the studio on five-digit sums with the threat, or else GTA 5 source code and also further details regarding GTA 6.
  • After preliminary silence, Rock star now talks up with a statement (via Twitter).

This claims rock celebrity to the leak: The workshop is let down with what took place, but at the exact same time admits that there was really a data leak-more exactly, to unauthorized accessibility by 3rd parties. We have actually equated the declaration for you:

We just recently suffered an infiltration into our network, in which an unauthorized 3rd event illegally accessed secret information from our system as well as download it, consisting of very early recordings of the development of the following Grand Burglary Auto. Right now we do not expect to disrupt our real-time services, nor with a sustainable effect on the growth of our continuous jobs.

We are extremely incredibly let down any kind of information our next game video game been shared with all of you in this way. Our work on the following Grand Theft Car will certainly continue as intended, and we continue to be as devoted as always to give you, our gamers, an experience that actually exceeds your expectations.

  • The Rockstar Games group

From the English using Twitter

What’s next? Just how the studio writes, the development of GTA 6 must not be influenced by the leak. Whatever takes place as planned. When the video game will show up, the designers did not speak precisely.

Mango editor-in-chief Day Minkowski sees the leak a drawback for all celebrations:

The Mega-Leak damages GTA 6 as well as rock star, yet likewise the followers

A hacker has come to delicate data GTA 6 and purportedly likewise GTA 5.

What’s next? How the studio composes, the advancement of GTA 6 need to not be affected by the leak.

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