How to call a sea beast in Blox Fruits

The sea beast is one of the most popular mini-bosses/NPC in Box Fruits. It can be randomly found in the sea or created using the sea beast tool. Since it is difficult to track the sea beast, almost every player prefers to create a legendary creature. To call the sea beast in Box Fruits, you must get the sea beast tool, receiving award / honor points 10 million .

How to increase the reward or honor in Box Fruits

Since you can increase any of the glasses, you must choose the side at an early stage, pirates or marine infantry, and adhere to it. Regardless of which fraction you choose, continue to kill all NPCs and complete the quests with high experience, available around you to add generosity or honor your character to the same server until you reach 10 million. This is quite dreary and will require a lot of effort to get prescribed numbers.

how to call a sea beast in Box Fruits

After receiving the prescribed Bounty or Honor Points, you will get call of the sea beast the ability in your inventory of the fast-time panel. Use a skill with a prescribed key combination to call a sea monster on the seashore. Before calling the beast, make sure you looked at the next moment relating to the ritual.

  • Users can create up to 3 sea animals simultaneously with an interval of 18 seconds between each.

* Players can cause a sea beast only in the second and third seas in Box Fruits.
* The generated sea beast will not give any awards, such as fragments, unlike the traditional sea beast, accidentally found in the ocean.
* You can use the sea beast to finish any complex raid events, but it is sad that you will not receive any rewards for the raid.

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